Annual Fees payable in advance for Accredited Contractors are as follows:

Annual Fee bands for Spill related turnover 

For the 2017 year onwards, the Board of the UK Spill Association, (which operates and financially supports the Scheme), has decided that the Scheme must reflect future demands and expectations by moving to an increased frequency of inspection – which requires recruitment of a full time Manager/Assessor for the Scheme. The Scheme will shortly be advertising for a Manager/Assessor to take up the role in the 1st quarter of 2017.

The Scheme is self funding, with no external subsidies, and for the changes to take place the existing fee structure is to be replaced by a new flat fee. The new fee structure intends that the fees are related to ability to pay, spread over 3 bands and according to spill related turnover, this change with effect for the 2017 year.

The cost of incorporating a full time Manager/Assessor into the Scheme requires that annual fees are increased, for the majority this increase will be around £200 per annum. However, for larger companies, the increase will be higher. Each company will be contacted to verify the fee due. The new fee structure is as follows 

£0–£249,999 Annual Fee £650 plus vat
£250,000-499,999 Annual Fee £1050 plus vat
£500,000–999,999 Annual Fee £1650 plus vat
£1 million and above Annual Fee £2450 plus vat

Initial Joining Fee on first Accreditation

According to spill related t/o band, non-refundable, and in addition to the Annual fee.

As previously, to maintain the support of the Maritime and Environment Agencies for the Scheme, Accredited companies are required to complete a short Annual Report, and/or a full On Line Assessment, (OLA) and make payment of the Annual fee.


New Accreditation Qualification CategoriesMANDATORY MODULES  
Standards Compliance & Company Information  
Module 1 Annual Fee: £100
Basic Spill Responder
Module 2 Annual Fee: £100
Freshwater/Inland Water Spills Equivalent FW 1,2
Freshwater/Inland water Spills - PLUS Equivalent FW 3
Module 3 Annual Fee: £100
Ground Water Spills New
Module 4 Annual Fee: £100
Tanker Rollover/Product Uplift New
Module 5 Annual Fee: £100
Marine Oil Spills Equivalent Marine Tier 2
Module 6 Annual Fee: tbc
Marine Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS) Spills (Ship Sourced) New
Module 7 Annual Fee: tbc
Onshore Chemical Spills (Land Sourced Hazmat/CBRN) New
Module 8 Annual Fee: £100
Contaminated Soils


Contractors requesting an Assessor to attend additional spill site visits - £300

All of the above charges are payable on receipt of invoice and may be subject to VAT. Failure by a Contractor to pay charges within 28 days of invoice date will lead to Accreditation status being suspended. New Accrediation applications will be required to pay the initial fee in advance, and this initial fee is not refundable in the event of failing. Re Applications can be made after 3 months of initial application and with the approval of the Assessor.








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